Friday, September 30, 2011

What is This Cross?

I’ll wager that not many of you know why this cross, which happens to be located in Ohio, is so interesting. A clue: it comes from a chapel in the town from which departed a certain explorer who is important in American history.  Another clue: four hundred years after that departure (actually, 401 years), a World Exhibition was held in America to celebrate the explorer.  The first student to tell me who the explorer is and the name of the town wins a cool history or political science t-shirt. Please send your answers to me at  

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  1. Becky and her intrepid research team (Dantan and Erin) made a great attempt to solve the riddle of the cross: Henry Hudson, who left Amsterdam in 1609 in an attempt to find an Easterly passage to Asia.

    Hudson’s Bay and the Hudson Bay Company, one of the greatest trading companies in history (the Walmart of the 17th and 18th Centuries, you might say), are both named after Henry Hudson.

    So, this is a great answer, but not the right one! Try again.