Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jenna Beadle's Study Abroad in Spain

Jenna Beadle, a senior Political Science and History major with a minor in Spanish, spent two months of the summer in Alicante, Spain.  Ashland University offers a variety of study abroad experience and partners specifically with the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies, (See which has locations in C√≥rdoba, Argentina; Havana, Cuba; and Seville and Alicante, Spain.  She was required to take one intensive grammar course for each month she was there and had the option of an elective each month—she wisely chose Spanish dance and Wind surfing.  "The experience I had was truly incredible.  I would recommend this program to anyone because it was outstanding; I was able to obtain ten credit hours and finish my minor.  The benefits of submersion have a very large impact on your comprehension of a language and your speaking skills.  There really is no substitute for it." 


  1. Great article! Silas Horst is abroad right now in Spain. If any students are interested in studying abroad, I would be happy to meet with you to talk about options.

    Rebecca Parillo
    Director, Global Education
    7th Floor Library

  2. Great to know that you are also studying abroad in Spain. Enjoy!

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  3. I can see that you being able to study abroad in spain has had made a change in your life.

  4. I'd love to visit Spain for my study tour. Is it possible for American students to get local scholarships there?