Monday, March 26, 2012

Praise for the Study of History at AU

In late February, Dr. Martha Kanter, US Undersecretary of Education, spent a whole day at Ashland learning about our programs and speaking to various groups on campus.  In her opening remarks at a Townhall meeting, she praised AU for many things, among which was the following point: "That Ashland University is leading the effort in civics, in the teaching of history, so that students who graduate can have an appreciation of the country in which they live, so lacking in many of our education centers and K-12 schools across the country."  Amen!  It's actually amazing how few colleges and universities teach American history (and, I would add, Western Civilization) with a view to civic education and in a way that inclines one appreciate the country in which we live. It's nice to hear that from such a well placed Federal official. 

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