Monday, April 16, 2012

Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year

Our own Dr. Michael Schwarz was named the Outstanding AU male faculty member of the year over the weekend (at the 25th Annual Leadership and Service Recognition Reception, 2011-2012).  Congratulations Michael! It is a well deserved award.  It should also be noted that Dr. Schwarz had some tough competition,  including no fewer than two other faculty members from History and Political Science, Dr. Peter Schramm and Dr. Chris Burkett.  Besides, we had a nominee also in the category of Outstanding female faculty member of the year: Dr. Edith Foster.  Is this an awesome department, or what?  (By the way, the photo shows Dr. Schwarz delivering his very fine keynote address on Thomas Jefferson as the indispensible founder at the recent Phi Alpha Theta conference held at AU.)

1 comment:

  1. Well done, Mike, and well-deserved. He would have been truly indispensible founder if he had been in Philadelphia instead of sipping Chardonnay in Paris.