Friday, January 25, 2013

Top Academic High Schools in Ohio

Scott Gerber of Gerber Analytics has prepared a very interesting summary of the top academic high schools in Ohio.  It is based on schools' performance on the Ohio Graduation Test (for November 2011), which measures how well grade 10 students do in Reading, Mathematics, Writing, Science, and Social Studies.  This year's list includes the 84 Ohio schools (out of the 1,017 public and private schools that took the test) in which 91% or more of the students passed all five portions of the test. St. Charles Preparatory School in Columbus comes out as the State's top school for academics.  Interestingly, for our Department, 99% of St. Charles's students scored at the level of "Accelerated & Above" on the Social Studies portion of the test (which would include history and political science), and 92% achieved an even higher score of "Advanced", making this the top achieving school in social studies in the state.  There must be some good social studies teachers at St. Charles. (Thanks to Prof. Sikkenga for bringing this to our attention.)

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