Monday, February 25, 2013

Undergraduate Research in History & Political Science

On April 10, the College of Arts and Sciences will hold its annual celebration of undergraduate research, where students present papers or posters on the research they have been doing. The Department is proud to note that several history and political science majors were selected to give presentations:

              Erin Sutter
              Mackenzie Lake
              Lindsey Richey
              Lindsey Grudnicki
              Danielle Sunnucks
              Kelsey Paramore
              Marc Zimmerman

When the URCA (Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity) Symposium schedule is announced, we'll post it here (it includes times and abstracts of each of the presentations).  Attending the presentations is a great way to learn what your colleagues across the campus are doing.  A special word of thanks to the faculty members who worked with the students to prepare their presentations.

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