Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Brie Diehl Interns at the Ohio State House

Briana Diehl (Political Science, 2013, shown in the photo with Bill Batchelder, Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives) is now working as an LSC Fellow in the Ohio House of Representatives, where she works for the majority leadership. She says that she does all the normal office stuff, “but most importantly I do research and write columns. The columns are from the representatives’ point of view, and along with that I do talking points and other similar things. The research is either for current legislation (to understand it a little more) or for future legislation. I look at different things and see if there are any patterns that would bring about a need for legislation based off of anything from a constituent call to something the representative heard in a meeting or on the news. I am in constant contact with people from all different aspects of the state house and I truly believe that the Ashbrook program prepared me for the research and the writing that I do and, most importantly, for the common day to day networking and interactions that I have with other people around capital square. Every day is something new and I really have learned so much already, that I can’t stress enough how great this opportunity is.”

The paid internship program is run by the Legislative Service Commission at the statehouse, and it is a wonderful opportunity for recent graduates. More information available at the LSC website here

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