Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What To Do in School to Have Success in Life?

Researchers at Gallup identified six elements of an undergraduate experience that had a significant effect on a students' post-graduation success:

1. A professor who made them excited to learn;
2.A professor who cared about them as individuals;
3. A mentor who pushed students to reach their goals;
4. Working on a long-term project;
5. Completing a job or internship related to classroom lessons;
6. Being engaged in extracurricular activities and groups.

According to the story, only 3% of students said they "strongly agree" they had all six experience that the researchers say have a "stronger relationship to long-term life outcomes... than the type of school these graduates attended."

Additionally, of graduates who strongly agree their schools prepared them well for life, 82% reported experiencing all six, compared with just 5% who say they experienced none. 

Ok, how hard can it be to make sure all six of these are at least available?  (Also, we must add that studying Aristotle's Ethics can be included in #1.)

Here is the whole story about the study. 

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